Sunday, September 18, 2011


This year’s student’s names list, I must admit, is not as rich as in year’s past. For one thing, I have a lot of students this year that I’ve had in the past so previous listees like Emily Aronica, Kyleigh Krawczyk and Alejandro Camerieri-Rodriguez are not eligible and I also have fewer students overall this year. So for 2011, I’m limiting the list to 5, with the number 4 and 5 slots actually going to students I had last year but who were squeezed out of that list.

5. Olivia Passafaro

4. Adrian Plaisance

3. Haakon Harstrup

2. Asher Wilson (the “sound” of the name isn’t what’s so special, it’s the fact that I’m simply reminded of the songwriting credits, [Tony Asher/Brian Wilson] on many of the tunes on one of my favorite albums ever, The Beach Boys’ “Pet Sounds.” Currently, there are three Wilsons at our school and I’ll be working with two of them, while the third possesses a much closer connection to “Pet Sounds” than Asher does.

1. Lily Woodward-Logan

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