Friday, May 06, 2011

Lesa and Henning's Debut Duet Show

Lesa Bezo and Henning Ohlenbusch in Old Rub Wrongways Studio
We won't be like this picture...
I won't be pretending to play the drums. We won't have any drums
Haven't written here for a little while. Sorry.

Lesa and I have been trying to put together a set for our upcoming first ever duet show. This Saturday we'll be opening up the night for Group DeVille at the awesome Montague Bookmill. We've got four songs to play that are specifically written for duets. We'll probably do a couple of Fawns songs in a new pared down way and we expect a couple of covers as well. By who? Hmm...should it be a surprise? Would you be surprised if they were by Harry Nilsson and The Police? I would.

We'll be starting off the night right at 8:00.

Of course, as always, I recommend you come up early and enjoy a nice laid back and tasty dinner at The Lady Killegrew. That's what we'll be doing for sure. After eating, we'll load in our guitars, banjo, melodica, glockenspiel and harmonies. We won't be like this picture...I won't be pretending to play the drums. We won't have any drums. Sorry, drum lovers (Drovers).

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