Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Shout for Sheehan Benefit Concert

Tonight there's a big benefit show at The Elevens in Northampton, MA

Jason Bourgeois says: Chances are that if you live in the Valley and also happen to be a musician, you know Mark Sheehan pretty well. If you've been going to local shows in recent years, it is likely you have gone to a show that Mark has organized. If you know Mark Sheehan on a personal level, it’s quite possible that he’s shown you inappropriate photos via his telephone… sorry that list bit was from my monologue for the Mark Sheehan Celebrity Comic Roast. Date and time TBA.

About five years ago, Mark was the ID checker at the Basement and slowly worked his way up to booking acts on Saturday nights. These weekly concerts, which quickly became the meeting grounds for musicians in what some considered a burgeoning local scene, garnered some electrifying performances. He later moved his talents to the Elevens (in which he still hosts the friendly “Happy Valley Showdown” battle of the bands series) and also began a very popular Thursday music night at the Sierra Grille with the slogan “re-animate the Bay State”.

Mr. Sheehan has opened the doors for countless groups and solo acts with original material. Many can attest that he granted their inexperienced band their very first gig. He’s always booked music that he loves and has not been necessarily concerned with what’s a guaranteed draw. What we have is a man with an enormous heart and one of the few people I’ve met in my life who possesses a bottomless supply enthusiasm.

Mark was recently in a serious car accident that will leave him out of work for an indefinite amount of time. Various musicians and colleagues that he’s supported over the years are currently rallying to put on a special fundraiser this Saturday April 9th at the Elevens (located at 140 Pleasant St. in Northampton) called "A Shout For Sheehan". The admission charge is $5 (or more), doors are at 8:00 with music starting at 9:00 and with a line-up featuring (and subject to some fluctuation):

Paper Piano
Erik Allan
The Lay Jains
Fancy Trash
Whistle Jacket
Sore Eros
Crescent Hill
Fawns, School for the Dead & Sitting Next To Brian
Claudia Malibu

Also starring deejay Amanda Freeman
And Hosted by Xtian Perfection

Hope to see you there and please pass this on.

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