Wednesday, April 13, 2011

School for the Dead in the News: Valley Advocate Part 2

More news about School for the Dead's Tenth Anniversary in The Valley Advocate.  Thanks to Gary Carra.
"In other news, School for the Dead ( "headmaster"/mastermind Henning Ohlenbusch says that the venue he has selected to commemorate his band's decade of existence literally speaks volumes about what they hope to accomplish.

"We are known to put on energetic, loud and intense concerts at times, but at the Montague Bookmill, we'll play the level we practice at," Ohlenbusch says of his auspicious April 16 engagement. "We'll play so each note of each instrument can be heard, as can every word of every song ,so that we can freely communicate with the audience."

Kicking off the festivities this Saturday will be Hampshire College-based Andrew Emmons. Though best known for his work with the band Homer and Langley, the multi-instrumentalist is presently focused on his new solo effort, Homebones, due out this summer."

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