Monday, November 01, 2010

Trick or Treating Costume Chart 2010

Because there is something wrong with me, I have continued my analysis of Halloween costumes involved in tricks and or treats at our front door. Below is a chart reflecting the costumes that I was able to identify broken down by year. As you can see, a few old classics made their debut only this year (see: clown).

We had five less rapscallions than last year, but the overall things seemed to unfold pretty similarly to previous years. We hover around the forties.

I would like to point out that this year's crowd was more polite than ever. Each monster said “trick or treat”, each creature said “thank you”. Even the gang of teenage boys were polite, and not in an ironic way.

There was one younger child who did attempt to take two candies even after I stopped him once and said there was only one for each and even after his grown-up told him to take just one. There was also the young mother who asked for one for the baby in the carriage. Yes, mom, I hope your tiny toothless baby enjoys that Snickers bar.

I was still dressed in my racing stripe suit from our earlier costume gig. One mother said I looked just like a Beatle. Another told me I looked just like her prom date.

How were things in your neighborhood?

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