Thursday, November 18, 2010

Befuddled by the Passage of Time

I'm befuddled by the passage of time. Last night School for the Dead got together and started going over some new songs for a new album. When a demo CD of songs was requested by the band, I thought to myself, yeah I think I made demos of these songs a couple of months ago.

So this morning I found that CD of simple recorded versions of the songs for the band to study. The date on the CD? November 14, 2009. Over a year ago. Guh.


Dennis said...

I hear you Henning. The songs on the SFH record we're working on are a few years old, even though we've honed them into newer, better songs over time. Some day I want to write, record and release an album all within a couple weeks. In fact, maybe that's a fun winter project for us peoples. Even if solo records. Would you be involved?

Henning said...

That's a good project, Dennis. I can't do it, though. I'm too slow at song-writing and I don't like to force it.

Ken, on the other hand would be perfect for it. If you decide to do it, you should let him know.