Monday, October 18, 2010

Winterpills in the New York Times

Our buddies, the Winterpills, just had a nice little review in the New York Times.
Devastation grows almost cozy on “Tuxedo of Ashes” (Signature Sounds/Soft Alarm), a six-song EP that Winterpills recorded at home in Hadley, Mass. Philip Price’s cryptic, folky songs hint at floods, murder and war. “I lay down in the ash heap and penciled in our names/On the rosters of the fallen and the legends of the maimed,” he sings in the title song, with an ethereal descant from Flora Reed. Around Mr. Price’s gentle voice and the picking of his guitar or banjo, Winterpills gradually builds elegant arrangements steeped in 1960s folk-pop and rootsy rock, hinting at Simon and Garfunkel and Fairport Convention. While the gathered instruments offer some solace, the songs stay haunted.
As a side note, I sang backing vocals on the title track "Tuxedo of Ashes".  So did Lesa Bezo and a number of other friends.

You can listen an purchase the album here: LINK 

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thanks for the shout out henning!