Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Airbrushed Voices

This morning I watched some music videos on TV. I was switching between VH1, MTV, and Paladia, which were all, amazingly, playing actual videos.

You know how in some older movies and television shows they had this blurring effect that they would add when filming female characters? It was supposed to make them look softer and more beautiful I guess. Looking back on it now it just looks laughably ridiculous and totally fake and silly.

That's how I feel about the way vocals are produced in modern hit songs.

There's no people in there! Where's the people?!

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Dennis said...

Well said! Between autotune, doing a million takes (thanks, Protools!), and all the other secret effects I know nothing about... well yeah, there's no real person or performance there. Add to that people singing to a track on stage; yuck.