Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thug lyrics

Why I did this, I don't know. When I did this, I don't recall. But here are some revised lyrics to Henning's song "Thug." My alterations are in italics.

Suzie's still woozy from the helicopter flight
Pilot knew where to land cause she's a searchlight
And she's got a notion that something isn't right
When the neighbors shut their shutters and the kids stayed out of sight
She's going down to the beach from her bungalow
She is surrounded by snowmen sailing 'round her soul

Suzy's still choosy and it's sometimes absurd
How she forgets to get the fruit the general preferred
A farmboy wagers he can tame a ladybird
She says put up your dukes, those letters sound like a word
She's gonna drown in that wave if she doesn't run
Seagulls swoop down, kissing scarecrows and skeletons

Suzy says a doozy's our ten foot tall mayor
All of a sudden she vanishes into the air
She says she doesn't have any respect for that street
It's a miniature sun but you can still feel the heat from it
She's looking down at the town from her secret place
Wishing to be found floating round, spinning into space

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