Wednesday, September 01, 2010

McVeganland characters

Back during the Umass days (1989-1993), my friend Steve and I were dining at the Basics vegetarian cafeteria (the dining commons closest to my dorm, hence, the one where I dined most frequently) and we came up with a list of characters to replace the McDonaldland characters we had grown up with in the '70s.
Here are the originals & our replacements:

Hamburglar = Oatburglar
Mayor McCheese = Senator Seitan
Officer Big Mac = Officer Soy Boy
Fry Guys = Falafel Fellas
McNugget Buddies = Polenta Pals
Grimace = Hummus

And someday, after I've written dozens of albums' worth of famous pop songs, like Andy Partridge, I will share with the world the basic home-recorded demo versions of these songs. I've already got a list of titles for the seven volumes of demos:

Vol. 1: The Democratic Process
Vol. 2: Demolition Derby
Vol. 3: Demoralized
Vol. 4: Inner Demos
Vol. 5: Demontia
Vol. 6: Songs For Mademoiselles
Vol. 7: Songs Made Mo' Better Later

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