Monday, August 02, 2010

The Aloha Steamtain Comeback Special 2010 - A Recap

On this past Saturday, we had the Aloha Steamtrain Comeback Special 2010.  Ken was on tour at the time with Spouse but Joe Boyle did play, so we were a four piece.

Lord Russ was visiting for a week or so and we decided, hey, let's have a show while he's here.  We were able to have a quick practice during the week before the show.  We went over most of the songs, a couple we just touched on and said, "let's see what happens".  They all came back pretty easily.

The turn-out for the show was wonderful.  The room was nearly full and almost everyone was up and dancing from note one.  That was due in a large part to the lovable group Tasha Yar who kicked off the evening.  It was a Comeback Special for them as well as lead man, Scott Alden had just returned from a too-long stay away from the area.  Tasha Yar and their sparkly dancers, the Tasha Yarlings, set the mood for the evening.  They were a perfect match with the Steamtrain. Let's thank Lesa Bezo for suggesting that combination.

Our set, while great fun, went by far too quickly.  We played for 75 mintues or so, but it seemed like twenty.  In fact, while discussing the show with an audience member I related that the time went by so quickly for me and he said, "Well, you only played for about 45 minutes."

There were a lot of familiar faces from the past in attendance. People who played major roles int he Aloha Steamtrain series returned for this bonus episode.  We had guests from across Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey in the room.  They really made the night what it was.

What it was, was just an all around friendly good time.  Everybody seemed to be in a beaming good mood before, during, and after the show.  Not only was that evident from my view point on the stage, but that was the comment I got from a lot of different people.  They all marveled at how happy everyone seemed, and how everybody left in a good, energetic mood.  Smiles all around.

There is a currently one video online.  It exists, right now, only on Facebook.  The link is here: The Aloha Steamtrain - 80 Degrees.

Here are a few of the many photos that people have been sending to me.

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