Monday, June 14, 2010

Las Vegas 2010 - I'm Back

The Rockumentary has been a bit slow lately. I just got back from a little vacation. Lesa and I went to Las Vegas.

Despite the 109 degree temperatures, It was a great time all around. There was the day trip out to the deserty Red Rock Canyon and the ride up the piney Mount Charleston. There was the huge waterfall laden swimming pool, the crazy shows, the great food, the spectacular people watching, and of course there was the video poker (which luckily paid for the trip and then some). Royal Flushes are rare but we didn't care.

Here's a thought that I had on our return airplane as I sat in my seat watching the rest of the passengers file on. The seats are set up in two rows of three. Lesa and I got on early and had chosen a row and we were waiting to see who we would end up sharing our with. It was exactly like a slot machine. We two had already landed, two 7's, and the third column was spinning as the people walked by. Uh! Is it that older woman with the giant carry-on? Nope. Uh! Is it the business man with the neck pillow already on his shoulders? Nope. Uh! Will it be the college girl with nothing but flip-flops and an iPod? Nope. Round and round it spins and with each passing person we get more nervous. Will we get a 7? Will we hit the jackpot?

This time, I had the window seat so Lesa was really the one sweating out the game. Who would she end up with? The machine kept spinning; hippie, businessman, loud lady on phone, guy with pizza box...and then wammo! What's the opposite of jackpot? Oh I know, it's the extremely overweight guy with short sleeves and hairy arms. Hairy arms that would spend the next hours well over the border between Lesa and his seats.

Imagine if you will sitting in your tiny airplane seat. You got your light set up, you have your air blower on just the right setting, your book, your gum, and your water are all in position and then smoosh! a stomach oozes over the arm rest and presses against your side, then, worse, a very hairy sleeveless arm falls beside the overhanging fat and sits there a third of the way into your seat, and the tiny prickly points of the hairs brush up against your own arm which is now uncomfortable pulled in front of you with your shoulder bent forward. Add onto that some noisy labored breathing. Now sit there stewing in that for several hours. Good times.

I'm sure the man was very nice. Would have been even nicer if he had reimbursed Lesa for a third of her ticket.

But besides that wrinkle, everything went well. It wasn't easy coming back to the grind, but at least School for the Dead had a show lined up for Saturday. The rain canceled that, but it was nice to meet with the band and practice some songs. We'll be more than ready for our show at The Taste of Amherst this Sunday.

Here are some pictures from our trip, if your interested.

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