Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guitar Fixing Lessons

Last night, our friend Rick from Group DeVille came over and gave Lesa and me a lesson in guitar maintenance. Even though I have been playing the things for years, I had never learned to make any of the tiny adjustments that sometimes need to be made. We learned how to fix the intonation on our electrics and how to adjust the truss rod. He even showed me a better way to change strings.

I always feel guilty about how little of the technical side of things I know. I only ever seem to learn the bare minimum of what I need to learn at the moment. For example, I can drive a car but I certainly can't fix one. This is embarrassing to me. I feel like I should know how to do these things. The problem is that I am just not at all compelled to learn them.

Lots of people assume that I know how to do things that I don't. I think it is because of my glasses.

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