Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Caravan of Stars at the Montague Bookmill - Recap and Pictures

There are some pictures up on my flickr page from the Rub Wrongways Caravan of Stars show at the Montague Bookmill that happened on Saturday. The photos are by Greg Saulman and Brian Akey.

Also, there is a video of our MadLib finale on Facebook by Sarah Gagne. If it makes it to youtube, I'll link to it here. It's pretty funny.

The Rub Wrongways Caravan of Stars

The night was really fun. It was quite hot in the room, but the sound of the rushing water outside the windows helped keep things from feeling claustrophobic. Both Michael Metivier and Dennis Crommett had excellent sets and their acoustic guitars and gentle voices sat real well with the book covered walls. Dennis was joined on his last tune byt Dave Hower and Brian Akey. It was a like a little surprise Spanish for Winterpills reunion.

The audience was real nice and attentive and polite. I think we made some new friends.

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Sarah said...

Hey Henning! I just uploaded the video..