Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thank You Friends: A Celebration of Alex Chilton of Big Star and the Box Tops

This week is all about Alex Chilton and Big Star.  Musicians all around the area are memorizing words and figuring out chords.
On Saturday (April 24) The Iron Horse Music Hall presents:
Thank You Friends: A Celebration of Alex Chilton of Big Star and the Box Tops
7:00 PM - Adv: $10.00 - Door: $13.00
In their words: "Some of the Valley's best musicians pay musical tribute to the late Alex Chilton, teenage singer for the Box Tops in the '60s and leader of seminal Memphis pop quartet Big Star in the 70s. As is said of the Velvet Underground, not many people heard Big Star in their prime but everyone who did started a band. Chilton led a reformed Big Star (original drummer Jody Stephens, Jon Auer and Ken Stringellow of the Posies) since the early 90s, playing rare and much ballyhooed live shows and recording one new album, "In Space." News of his  passing last month one day before a scheduled Big Star show at Austin's SXSW Festival put a damper on the mood of the weekend for anyone who had ever become a Chilton devotee, and very few who heard his music did not."
The following folks are doing songs, likely joined by others in make shift one-off band arrangements.
Matt Silberstein, Dave Houghton, Thane Thomsen, Rick Murnane, Claudia Malibu, Henning Ohlenbusch, Lesa Bezo, Brian Marchese, Paper Piano, Winterpills, Mark Mulcahy, and Chris Collingwood, also expect to see Peyton Pinkerton, Ray Mason, Dave Trenholm, and others grace the stage.

It's going to be a real nice night. I can tell by the excitement and enthusiasm of those preparing to really pay justice to Chilton.

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