Monday, April 12, 2010

Recap: The Rub Wrongwangs Caravan of Stars Hits A Pothole!

photo.jpg On Saturday night the Rub Wrongways Records Caravan of Stars traveled to Mocha Maya's in Shelburne Falls, MA.

Lesa and I began the night with another delicious meal at Ollie's Down Under, which is just down the street from the venue. And when I say THE street, I mean THE street. There's pretty much just the one there in the center of town. Shelburne Falls is small but it's a destination.

When we emerged from the restaurant we looked up the street and saw Jason, Ryan, and Brian standing outside Mocha Maya's with their equipment. We went up to meet them and found a parking spot right in front of the place. I quickly ran back to the car and backed into the spot so we could load out easily. (warning: the very confrontational and defensive policeman in Shelburne Falls gets quite angry when you do this.)

The Mocha Maya's man inside was setting up the stage and lights for us and as soon as he finished, we loaded our stuff in. As we did, Max pulled up. It was a tight squeeze and it took some maneuvering to get everything in its place and plugged in. There were six of us and we had drums and amps and a keyboard and pedal steel and guitars and all that.

When 8:00 came around a few folks had wandered in off the street and Jason took the stage and started to play a nice solo set. He kicked things off and following him were: Sitting Next To Brian, School for the Dead, The Fawns, Senator (our friend who just happened to be in town visiting from NYC. We asked him to play a song and he kindly agreed.), and then the full Supergroup.

The audience sat in the dark and was comprised of a few great friends and mostly strangers. None of them, apparently were from Shelburne Falls. How could I tell? I asked them. All through the night I ran a crowd fueled MadLib. Since some people came and went as the evening progressed, they never got to hear their words in use, but otherwise, it worked out very well and put a nice cap on the night.

We filled the room with music from eight to ten thirty. I was exhausted by the end of it. The room felt so alive the whole night that I was very surprised to find a deserted town center when we stepped outside. Sleepy little place. I dig it.

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