Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lesa Open Mic, Flywheel, Studio.

No gigs this weekend for me.  On Saturday night, Paper Piano is playing at the big Fly Wheel opening celebration.  On Sunday night, Lesa Bezo is hosting the World War II Open Mic (sign up starts at 8:00, Lesa starts at 9:00).

The weather looks pretty lousy.  I'm hoping to take advantage of that and use the time to work on bringing the studio back to life.  I'm in the process of moving everything over to a new system and not one single thing has gone smoothly yet.  It takes doing things like this to remind me how little I actually know about anything.

School for the Dead has penciled in a date to start recording a new album, so I've got to get it working by then.   It's good to have deadlines.  Sometimes.

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