Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Henning and Chris at the Beehive - A Recap.

This morning my portable randomizing music machine played Neko followed by Nico.  I was ready, but alas, it did not follow up with Biko.

 at=Last night I had a pleasant excursion to Boston.  Come to think of it.  This may have been one of my best musical Boston excursions, if for no other reason than it wasn't cold and windy and I didn't have to deal with any burnt out, angry, cynical rock club casualties.  Most everyone at this venue was a delight.

The Beehive is a swanky yet casual comfortable place with cool brick walls and draped heavy curtains, interesting lighting, and artwork everywhere.  Chris and I were slated to play from roughly 6:30 to 8:30.  The times seemed somewhat flexible and I didn't take the stage until 7:00 because, well frankly, at 6:30 all of the tables and seats were empty.

At 7:00 I walked out on the stage and played a quiet set of songs to a nice group of diners.  The stage volume was incredibly low.  I played: 1,000 Times, Back To School, Disgruntled Lover, Joe Vs. The Volcano, Day Job, I Wasn't Looking For This, and Super Hero.  Chris took the stage after me and played a concert of classic Fountains of Waynes songs, a few new ones, and a few solo numbers.  Then I came back out and picked up the electric and we did Fire In The Canyon, Campground Daughter, and Hung Up On You (a few of our old Gay Potatoes stand-bys).

After the show we hung out with some of the artists who had their works on exhibit there and I had the best chicken club sandwich of my life.  So far.

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