Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Fawns at The Brass Cat on Saturday April 3 - Easthampton, MA

Brass Cat Poster for Group Deville and The FawnsThis Saturday, the Fawns are returning to The Brass Cat in Easthampton, MA.  We'll be sharing the stage with Group DeVille.  We'll do a half hour set, they'll do a half hour set.  We'll do a half hour set, They'll do a half hour set.  Back and forth, we'll volley the pop.

Come on out and grab a few peanuts and help us celebrate two things:
1.) Springtime!  It'll be a beautiful evening tomorrow in Easthampton.

2.) St. Patriot's Day.  This is the closet thing we'll have to a St. Patriot's Day celebration this year.  Wear your hat.

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Rick M said...

It's gonna be great!

Disclaimer: Contains me.