Wednesday, March 10, 2010

School for the Dead at the Kresge Theatre

School for the Dead is excited to be playing this Saturday (March 13) at the new Cultural Center at Eagle Hill School in Hardwick, MA. It'll be a different sort of show for us. Actually we are doing two shows. The first is one for students only, the second is for people twenty-one or older. Both shows take place in the Kresge Studio Theatre, which is sort of like a black box theatre. You can see pictures of it here: Kresge Theatre. It's all brand new and super fancy.

It's a different sort of show for us in that: 1.) It's not in a bar. 2.) It's not in a grungy run-down dark room 3.) People will be sitting and listening 4.) People will be able to hear everything that we do.

I'm excited. I love playing in dingy bars and back-rooms of bowling alleys or rented out VFW clubs, but its nice to once in a while play places where the music really has to shine. I'm looking forward to creating a memorable night for those that chose to come out and see us. I've played in theater settings before with Mark Mulcahy, Winterpills, and School for the Dead. There's a different sort of feeling. There is a back-stage hush and rush. The nights feel very prepared and focused. I think I might be made for that scene. There's nothing better than that feeling you get when people start filing in and taking their seats and your peering secretly from behind a curtain or a stage door. It's like the sound of an orchestra tuning up in my gut.

Want to see School for the Dead in this setting? I think you should. And you still can, I believe. There are still some tickets available. You can get them here: Tickets and Info

It's in a beautiful new building on the hilly campus of a school in the middle of nowhere.

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Scott Lawson Pomeroy said...

looks like a great venue. have a great show.