Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap (The Caravan Hits the Road Again)

On Friday night, The Rub Wrongways Caravan headed through the winding February roads to Shelburne Falls, MA. The journey was spooky and creepy as we roller-coastered through the undulating farmlands and scraggly ice streams of the Berkshire foot hills. We passed run-down barns, busted-up ancient stone structures, and rusted-out abandoned gas pumps. At one point we came across a hidden compound with large fences and a big sign that said something like, "If you weren't invited, don't even stop." We're not sure exactly what it said because it was too scary to slowdown and read it. Then, we came upon the bridge. It was an old wooden planked structure that spanned fifty feet above a cold rapid-filled river. The shores were pointy stone walls. We stopped at the foot of the bridge which was only one lane wide. Turning back was out of the question. We held our breath and gunned it across the rickety creaking structure.

The Caravan survived. We wound around the hills some more and eventually found a back way into the sleepy little Shelburne Falls.

We were to be opening the night at a movie theater that night. The streets were windy and dark and deserted and once we loaded all our gear into Pothole Pictures, we discovered that there was a double booking problem and we lowered our heads and returned into the street.

Every canceled gig has a silver lining, though, and the stars, undaunted skipped down the street and had a lovely dinner at a below-ground-level eatery.

On Saturday night, The Rub Wrongways Caravan glided up Route 91 to Turner's Falls to play its first ever gig at Rojo's. When we arrived it was night time and there was a kitty on the roof meowing up a storm. Was this an omen? A good sign? Yes it was.

Inside we took over the performance space and squoze in all the contents of the Caravan Trailers. The lights were dimmed and we took the stage just after Jen Holmes who was playing her first ever gig.

caravan of stars at rojo 1

(Photo by Debbie Way)
We streamed quickly through a thirteen song set, switching instruments as we went. Occasionally, one or two of us would wonder out into the room to play from there. It was casual and relaxed and we're excited to return.

Now, we're gearing up for the huge Rub Wrongways Night at the Black Moon in Belchertown, MA this Saturday. We'll have five sets from five bands and we'll also be running Wrongways Bingo and Mad-Libs as the night progresses. Yes, there will be prizes. Of course, there will be prizes, the Caravan is taking over the place. You should totally come, dude. It's gonna be righteous.

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