Thursday, February 11, 2010

School for the Wait. What?

Due to all kinds of nutty unavoidable reasons, Max, Ken, and Tony are unable to play the one-song show tonight in Boston.  In a mad scramble we have enlisted our two friends Scott Hall (keyboard) and Jose Ayerve (bass).  We've never all played the song together.  Jose is coming down from Maine and Scott is coming from Central Massachusetts.  We'll meet up on the stage and we'll just see what happens.  Both of them are excellent and hard-working musicians so I have complete faith in their playing.  I'm not worried.  I'm more curious as to how it'll all come together.

We're playing at the V-66 Reunion show at the House of Blues in Boston.  We are doing one song only, School for the Dead's "V-66".  But hey, look who else is on this bill!

V66 Reunion

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