Wednesday, February 03, 2010

In The Meantime, Hello.

I thought that the Great Mix CD Mix-Up was a huge success.  There were nice performances by Jason Bourgeois, Joshua Crane, Nuclear Waste Management Club, and The Fawns.  The audience was a good size and friendly.  People stood up front and listened and danced.  The CDs came in in droves and people did a great job making very ornate and well though out mixes.  We in the Fawns debuted a new song and we debuted a new version of Robyn Hitchcock's "Another Bubble".  Jangly.

At the end of the night a few people complained to me that although they brought in a number of mixes, there were none left for them.  I guess not everyone heard me when I said to take only as many as you brought.  I guess some people got a little excited.  Sorry about that, to those of you who lost out.  Next year, we'll have to be more explicit.

The show went well as a birthday celebration for Lesa, too.  Everyone sang and really, where does a musician want to be on her birthday?  Playing with her band.  That's where.

So that was January.  The first month of the year is already gone.  February is short and gray and cold but we've got a few events to shed a little light into your month.  Look here for more details soon on shows this month in Shelburne Falls, Turners Falls, and The Black Moon in Belchertown (this one's a full Rub Wrongways evening, in which we will try to put together a fun eventful night for you.  We'll bring in some non-wrongways artists, and we'll develop some games etc.  Mark the date: February 27!)

In the meantime, hello.

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