Thursday, January 21, 2010


Still working on this new Rockumentary design. I added a Song of the Moment player in the side panel. I also added a button on the bottom of each post that makes it very easy for readers to spread around anything that they might find interesting or stupid.

I realize that this site is a little bit less personal looking now. It's a bit sterile and industrial. I'm not too thrilled with that, but I am very happy that it is much more workplace friendly, if you know what I mean, and easy on the eyes.

It also makes my life a lot easier having a white background. So many images out there are created with white background in mind and I often had to leave certain ones out with the old green screen.

It's fun to see all the crazy little widgets out there that I could install but I'm trying to keep things very simple. I don't want to slow down anyone's loading time by adding slide-shows and what-not. Even if I do kind of dig the way they look.

Is there anything that you think I should add that I haven't?

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