Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Living Rockumentary 3.0

As you can see, The Living Rockumentary has changed its looks quite a bit. I've been wanting to redesign the thing for a lot of years now, but I've been scared of messing up and losing all of our
archived posts. This blog has existed now since June of 2002. That means we've been writing here, and maybe you've been reading here, for almost eight years. This is the 4,838th post. That's pretty good huh?

The Rockumentary has had a few different looks throughout the years. For a long time now, I've wanted to switch it up to make it much simpler and easier on the eyes and work-place friendly. I'm still working on tweeking the content and design a little bit, but this is my starting slate. The thing is an ongoing ever-changing thing anyway, but I imagine that this'll be the basic look now for a while.

What do you think? Is it okay? Do you miss the sickly green of the last design? Do you miss the Red, blue, and yellow of the one from the early 2000's? I think this one will be easier on the eyes and I think images will look a lot better on the white background. Also, since I upgraded to the more current version of blogger, we have access to some useful widgets.

Please, if you have a second, let me know what you think, and in doing so, test out to make sure that commenting is still working correctly.


Henning said...

I'm testing out the commenting. It was pointed out to me that it didn't work. Now, I'm hoping it does work.

Rick M said...

Visually it's much more newspaper- or magazine-like, and a bit easier to read (just wondering: have you tried a serif typeface for the titling? —might look good with this layout). One thing I would like to see would be if the margins were slightly wider, and perhaps a color other than the main body of the page that contains the text. A light grey, or similar neutral tone maybe.

I think you're right about the images. They seem to show up better against the new background.

Nice job.

F. Alex Johnson said...

I very much miss the green and the script and the pencil and ...

Well, I guess change is good. I just tend to favor green.