Monday, January 25, 2010

Get Mixing! Have You Started Mixing?!

Here we see Jason Bourgeois in his natural element busily compiling a mix CD for the upcoming big show this Friday.  At this time of year, an observer can catch many inhabitants tucked away in their livingrooms, bedrooms, dens, and dorm rooms carefully and artfully gathering and storing music.  At night you can see rapt faces lit up by computer screens as they put the finishing touches on this year's gems.

Have you begun your mix yet?  Don't be caught in the cold like lazy mouse when Friday rolls around.  Be ready and proud like enterprising mouse with your shiny new mix cd.

I'm looking forward to making mine and also picking up a new mix from someone else.  I know Brian has already made a couple mixes.  Make as many as you want folks, and please, spread the word.  The more people and the more mixes, the more fun it'll be.
Here's how the thing works:

Make an awesome mix-cd. With artwork if you are fancy.
  1. Bring it to the show
  2. Put it in the Great Mix-CD Mixer
  3. Enjoy the bands
  4. Get a mix-CD made by someone else.
Remember you do not NEED to make a mix to come to this event.  We like you either way.

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