Thursday, December 17, 2009

School for the Dead Live on Main Street Northampton 12-19-2009

What have I gotten us into this time? School for the Dead is playing a concert outside in the middle of December? In New England?!? Simply ludicrous!

Was 2009 the year of the non-venue concert? It may have been. In various line-ups, I played in a library, in a rainy field, in a rainy and cold high school courtyard, a bowling alley, a book store, a town pavilion, an elementary school cafeteria, someone's living room, a hotel lobby, an apple orchard, an artist studio, and now on a sidewalk in the snow. Well, yeah, I also played in coffee houses and rock venues. But here seemed to be an inordinate amount of strange venues. I hope the trend continues. As Jason said, just after our library show, "Non-venues are the way to go."

I think this one though, might take the cake. Does anyone know what it feels like to play a guitar when it is below freezing? You can't wear gloves and your fingers are pressing down on thin cold metal wires. For an hour. Well, we hope to have some overhead heaters set up, so hopefully, that'll help.

We'll be out there on Main Street in Northampton, MA from 5:00 to 6:00 on this Saturday (December 19). Just in front of the First Church (pictured here - though it'll be dark)

We'll be entertaining you while you shop, or wait for your restaurant reservations, or just stroll through the festive little town center. We'll even throw in a few holiday tunes for you.

Can you guess which ones? Which ones would you want us to do?


Jay said...

As the drummer will probably be the most warm due to his movements, I'll be sitting next to him. yeah, I said it! :P

Anonymous said...

best lay off the arpeggios

mariaofthepotter said...

Um...'Baby it's Cold Outside'...? -Although Christmas Waltz is always my favorite. :)