Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gettin' Ready for Petty

December 22 huh? Big deal. So the days are getting longer. It's a fools immortality.

The Rub Wrongways gang is currently deep in throes of Tom Petty's world. We're starting to try to figure out what we will be doing and how we will be doing it on January 7 at The Iron Horse for "Don't Do Me Like That - A Tribute to Tom Petty."

The Rub Wrongways Caravan is ending the night with a multi-song set. Each of us singers will be singing a song and we'll be in charge of the encore finale as well. I'm also playing with two other acts so, I think it adds up to nine Petty songs for me.

I really dig Tom Petty. I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend the documentary "Runnin' Down A Dream" by Peter Bogdanovich. It's long and awesome.

Petty's got this way with simplicity that I really admire. Most of his songs are based on four or five chords. The melodies are simple but melodic and therefore sing-along-fodder. The Heartbreakers are amazing at understated yet crucial playing. I think I'm learning a thing or two while learning these songs.

Tonight we are getting together for the first time to try to figure out exactly who's playing what instruments on what songs. We've got all of our songs picked out, and we know who is singing each, but we don't yet know who is playing what part. It should be fun tonight. And it should be fun on January 7. You should come out.


Scott Lawson Pomeroy said...

you might want to consider sitting in with us on "Running Down a Dream" (on acoustic?)

I'm going to see if Ray Mason will play bass on "You Don't Know How It Feels" as our bass player probably isn't going to be there. I got the perfect bass too!

Scott Lawson Pomeroy said...

or you could play it? it's easy... I have to play harmonica.