Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veterans Day Recording

Yesterday was Veterans day. Rub Wrongways celebrated by working on The Wrong Tree by Sitting Next To Brian. We mixed down four songs, while adding a few extra parts here and there, and we have two more to go.

Those four tracks are now on a shiny CD in Brian's shiny little hands and he's already sent me a few notes of things to change. A tambourine hit here a harpsichord note there. Here a thing, there a thing. Ding ding ding.

It was a full day of work. I started at about 9:30 and we finished at about 5:30. Pretty good. Thngs are coming together although my ten year old computer was wheezing and struggling to get through the process. Someday, somehow, I'll save up enough money to get a new computer with up-to-date audio software, instead of Sonar 1.0, which is what I am currently using. Sonar is already up to 8.x. Yikes. I am so far behind the times.

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