Monday, November 09, 2009

Solar Powered LED Holiday Lights...Finally.

There have been many things invented in my lifetime that I always hoped would be invented. Maybe someday I'll make a list of them all. Let's just say for starters, I used to daydream of being able to take as many pictures as I wanted and not having to pay for expensive film and wait for it to be developed.

Here's something more recent, though.

Yesterday, Lesa and I were in our neighborhood Target and we meandered over to the holiday lights section and there, lo and behold, and finally, were solar powered string lights!

Here's what I said on this very Rockumentary three years ago:
Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Went to Target yesterday in the hopes of finding some LED string lights for 50% off, but they were all already gone. Oh well. Hopefully, next year, all of the decorative lights will be solar powered and inexpensive. That'd be good. Solar.
Well, now, three years later, I have two boxes of solar powered lights. I guess they weren't actually inexpensive, though they are currently on sale, but when you add on the convenience of not having to go out into the cold night winter to turn them off before bed each evening, they pay for themselves.

Also, there are no extension cords to run. Besides, solar is just really cool.

Hope they work.

Thank you world. Keep making the stuff that I want you to make, ok? Here's a suggestion, iPhone, make a button to push when a song comes up in my earphones that I don't want to hear ever again. Then when I sync you to my computer, automatically delete that song. Thanks, buddy.

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