Monday, November 23, 2009

Next Blog

See that bar up on the top of this screen here? Yeah, the blue one. Well, there's a link there that says "Next Blog". It used to be that when you clicked it you were taken to a random blog. It could have been anything, even in a different language.

Well, now Blogger tells me that when you click it you will be taken to another blog that you might enjoy based on this blog.

So, I tried it. Did I come across another music site? Nope. I found one parenting blog after another. I guess they only take into consideration the most recent post. I wonder what will come up now. Blogs about the "Next Blog" button?

1 comment:

Rick M said...

I tried that over on the GDV blog and the same thing happened, plus dogs. Parent, parent, parent, very religious parent, dog breeder, dog kennel, military parent, etc. I had to go in about twelve blogs before I hit musicians, and it was by the parents from a family of bluegrass players. Crazy algorithm there, Blogger.