Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where The Fish Slapping Last Fm Things Are

Saw Where The Wild Things Are last night. I pretty much totally loved it.

There sure are a lot of good movies being made these days it seems. Why is that? I'm guessing, once again, it is because I am now the same age as a lot of the directors, writers, and producers and we've got similar generational interests and tastes.

I've also been watching this six hour documentary on Monty Python that IFC is showing. I think I'm on the third episode. It's good. I'm always kind of amazed at the way humor changes over the years. It's just like music. New music/comedy expounds upon the music/comedy of the era preceding it. When I was younger and I watched Python, it was the funniest thing in the world. Now, I still find it humorous and smart and interesting but I rarely actual laugh at it. Except for the Fish Slapping Dance. That pretty much gets me every time.

I did learn one thing about Python that I didn't know. I wasn't aware that it was Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin who funded and made possible the production of The Holy Grail. That's kind of cool. I think I might be interested in seeing that movie again. Also, The Life Of Brian. Chances are I would understand more of the gags this time around.

I've been listening to Last.Fm today. I think it is better than Pandora at lumping together different artists. Right now it is playing The Mountain Movers. Of course, I have this weird thing where I can listen to Henning Ohlenbusch Radio. It plays songs based on the music of me. Instead of comparing songs by musical similarities it plays favorites of people who also like the identified artist. So, its interesting to see what other bands people who listen to me listen to. So far so good. I only had one track that I skipped over.

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