Monday, September 14, 2009

Wrongways Tuesday #3

Today is Monday. You know what that means. Tomorrow is Tuesday. Wrongways Tuesday #3!

Come on down to The Elevens in Northampton for this FREE, EARLY show! The doors open at 7:00 and the music begins EXACTLY at 7:30. Come at 7:00 and hang out with us for a bit. I plan on playing mostly Ray Mason CDs in celebration of his birthday.

First up is Jason and Ryan, these two play together in Los Hijos Unicos and the Jason Bourgeois Band. At this show they are playing three songs. Come and listen and bask in the shininess of Ryan's new orange Gretch guitar.

Second is The Fawns with a brief and sparkly set of their poppy hits. Bring your clapping-hands for tunes like High School Party and your smiling mouths for numbers like Freaking Out.

Third is Goldwater in their second ever show. This is Thane Thomsen's new band and it features Matt Cullen, Scott Hall, Brian and Me. We've learned a couple new songs for this show so make sure you are there.

I hope you can make it. These Tuesday evenings have been working out wonderfully. They are comfortable and relaxed. The music is at the right volume and there is no noise or crowd competition with the bar next door. Thank you to The Elevens for allowing us the use of their club.

And thank you for reading.

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