Friday, August 28, 2009

Rub Radio and The Next Few Days

(pictured: Roger Salloom, Bill Dwight, Jaz Tupelo)

This morning Jason and I went down to Serio’s Market (where customers are friends and friends are customers) to take part in a live on-location radio broadcast. We were appearing on Bill Dwight’s show called The Bill Dwight Show on WHMP.

We spoke briefly about Wrongways Tuesdays and I played “Superhero”. Then Jason played “Rosamonde” on the ukulele and I sang back-ups and played the melodica. It was a lovely surreal experience to be playing in the produce department of this small neighborhood grocery.

There were bananas, peaches, onions, and us.

Tomorrow a bunch of us will be visiting the WMUA studios and playing some songs and talking about stuff. That show will air from 7-9:30 tomorrow night and we’ll be on for about an hour in there somewhere. You can stream it here: WMUA

Then tomorrow night there is Spanish for Hitchhiking and Fancy Trash at the Elevens.

Then next thing you know, it’s the first Wrongways Tuesday. On Tuesday at 7:00. Its free and you’ll be able to hear, Max and I as a duo, Sitting Next To Brian, and the awesome electro-dance-band Tasha Yar. Who boy, I can’t wait.

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