Monday, July 13, 2009

Rub Wrongways Supergroup in New Haven - a recap.

The Rub Wrongways Caravan glided southward through the evening last Friday night and eventually stopped in New Haven, Connecticut. Our destination was a small corner pub and music venue called Cafe Nine. We were to perform as an opening act for the Cd Release Celebration of a band called The Cavemen Go (pictured).

This Rub Wrongways Caravan was slightly different than those in the past in that instead of having multiple sets by multiple Wrongways bands, we joined together into one large band and played each others songs.

Lesa Bezo, Brian Marchese, Jason Bourgeois, Max Germer, and I played eight songs in total. We featured two songs from each of these bands: School for the Dead, The Fawns, Bourgeois Heores, and Sitting Next To Brian. It worked out even better than I imagined.

The room was full, the audience was very receptive and attentive. At the end of "Rock and Roll Camper" as the music faded out and only the three harmonies of Lesa, Brian, and I were left, the room was silent. Moments like that are what make everything seem worthwhile.

After our show, we enjoyed a long set of hit pop song after hit pop song by the Cavemen Go. Jason even joined them on a couple of songs.

Thanks, New Haven, for welcoming us with such warmth and friendliness. We hope to come back soon.

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