Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New George Harrison Album

"A batch of unheard songs by late Beatle George Harrison are set to be made into a new album.

Several previously unheard songs by George Harrison are set to be released.

The late former Beatle had a large batch of unfinished tracks at the time of his death in 2001 and they will now be worked on by musician Jeff Lynne - who was a member of 80s super-group The Traveling Wilburys along with George.

A source said: "George half-finished loads of songs and often just forgot about them. There is probably an album's worth of material.

"Jeff and George were very close and worked together a lot in the later period of George's life. He's the right man to work on the material."

Only recently, Harrison's widow Olivia revealed she wanted to do something with her husband's incomplete songs.

She said: "There are lots of tracks. Some are closer to completion than others and with those I'd ask for help."

This will not be the first time Lynne - who is best known as the frontman of the Electric Light Orchestra - has worked on new material by a Beatle.

The 61-year-old guitarist produced The Beatles' 1995 single 'Free As A Bird' - which featured the vocals of the late John Lennon taken from a demo he had written and recorded in 1977.

It is also believed Harrison's son Dhani will work with Lynne on the material. The pair finished off Harrison's final studio album 'Brainwashed', released in 2002, after his untimely passing at the age of 58."

What do y'all think about this? I hope Lynne get's Ringo and Paul to play on it. You think he will? Or do you think the whole thing is a bad idea?


F. Alex Johnson said...

I don't trust Jeff Lynne. Lots of people do, however, as he seems to keep getting work. FIngers crossed and ears wide open.

Anonymous said...

He's the right guy I think. I can't wait. I LOVE Harrison. M M

winterpills said...

just release the demos. keep that lynne guy away. love ELO but his Beatles retreads were atrocious.

debl said...

Yeah, I would much rather hear what's on the tapes right now. "Free as a Bird" is a terrible song. It's like reanimating a corpse.

Rick M said...

I have always had a problem with Lynne's production, as too much of his personality seems to take over from that of the artist who should be foremost (George, in this case). I was never a huge fan of ELO, and what I hear in his studio treatments always smacks of that pseudo-Beatle approach. He's simply not transparent enough.

That said, I thought he did a fair job with Brainwashed, and so will remain hopeful about this latest resurrection project. It's not like I can call Olivia and suggest someone different.