Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Black Moon and Rub Wrongways Caravan Of Stars

The Black Moon, Belchertown. We've got this big Rub Wrongways Caravan Of Stars show this Saturday at The Black Moon in Belchertown, MA. I've never been there before. In fact, I don't think any of us have. It's always exciting to play a new place, to meet new people, to go on adventures. I've been sneaking around the internet though, trying to find some more info on the venue. I located the picture you see there on their myspace page. It looks like a comfortable performance space. I'm hoping to play that piano at some point. Maybe, I'll try to relearn my old song, "Player Piano" which I don't believe I've ever dared to play live.

This is how they describe themselves on their page:
Quality music, Tasty Micro Brews, Fine Wine and Liquor and Good People.
Preserving live music one shown at a time, 7 nights a week.
OPEN 7:00pm Nightly
Finally, a place for the music lover in you!!!!!

That's five exclamation points! You better be there.

And to make things crazier, not only will School for the Dead, The Fawns, Sitting Next To Brian, and The Jason Bourgeois Band be playing but Tony Westcott and Ari Vais, coming up all the way from NYC, will each be playing a set! Do I smell a Humbert reunion? I don't know. I smell something.

Will we be playing individual sets or will we be doing things in a round robin way? I just don't know yet. We'll find out when we arrive, I guess.

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