Thursday, May 21, 2009

MadLib For Tomorrow's Show and A Song List.

I've just finished up writing an original audience-participation MadLib for tomorrow night's show in Shelburne Falls. I love MadLibs. I used to love them even more. I remember being at an age where I wasn't clear on the definitions of "adjective" and "adverb", and it made me nervous while doing MadLibs. But I still loved them anyway. I can remember giving the wrong type of word and my brothers jumping down my throat, "That's not an adjective, you Idiot!". Hoo boy, good times.

I also remember that I thought "sloppy" and "slimy" were the two funniest words you could use in a MadLib. I bet if I ventured into the basement, I could find some old books and when I dusted them off and opened the pages, there would be a "slimy" or "sloppy" on more than one entry.

MadLibs. Awesome.

By the way, today is my brother Norbert's birthday. I hope you have a Happily Birthday, Norb.

It's been a long time since I've had a full length solo show and I've been thumbing through the songs in my head and I came up with this list to choose from. I think I could make it through just about all of them without screwing up any lyrics. If you're up for it, take a gander at the list and see if I left any songs out. Let me know if there are any you think I should play or shouldn't play. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Mocha Maya's in Shelburne Falls, MA - 8:00 PM - Free Show

1,000 Times
20,000 Dollars
A Machine To Break Your Heart
Autumn's For Leaving
Back To School
Bagel Song
Boring Dream
But We Did
Campground Daughter
Candy Cane
Can't Believe How Fast
Cynical Girl
Day Job
Disgruntled Lover
Don't Know If I've Got What It Takes Anymore
Don't Tell Me That It's Easy
Dreams I'll Never Have
Everybody Loves Martha
Feel Like I Should
For Seasons
Frankenstein Me
Held His Gaze
I Won't Quit This Music Scene
It's Now
Journal of Lies
Knot In My Lace
Looks Like I'm Tall
Motion Sickness
Nightly Progression
One Lady Dancing
Photobooth Curtain
Pick A Gripe
Planes Trains and Automobiles
Remind Yourself
Rock and Roll Camper
Rumor Doomer
Save My Place
Saving Your Life (Is Gonna Be Real Interesting)
Screen Door
She Does She Does
She's Getting Anxious
Sitcom Theme
Slow Down
Some Things Can Last
Somebody Else's Problem
Something's Taking Over
Soup of the Moment
Stereo Glow
The Center Of Time
The Infinite Kitchen
The Title Song
Thinking of a Time
This Time It Looks Good
Turn It Down
Waiting for Life
When No One's Looking
Wichita Train Whistle
Young Lucy Lavalier

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