Tuesday, April 28, 2009

About The Weather - Make This iPod App.

It seemed this morning like my iPod knew that it was beautiful and sunny outside. It played Me and Julio Down By The School Yard, a summery Jim Croce song, and Wouldn't It Be Nice all in a row. That got me thinking. Shouldn't you design an iPod app that will base your playlist on the weather and time of day? All you'd need to do is take all songs ever recorded and tag them with weather, season, and time information. Then the iPod, while playing, could access the weather and stuff online. So, if the weather channel thingy says it's raining it'd play fitting music. If it was sunset, it could play sunsetty songs, and so on.

Or maybe you could tag your own music so that it was more personally accurate. For instance anything off of the Zombies "Odyssey and Oracle" would be a morning song. "Big Log" by Robert Plant would only play at twighlight when there was a pink or orange sky and sunset. Oh, it's snowing? Quick put on something from Kate Bush "Hounds of Love". First warm day of the spring defrost? Try a track off of R.E.M.'s "Murmur".

Ok programmers. Get on that. What's the hold up?

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philip said...

This is nerdy that i know this, but apple has not allowed programmers access to the iTunes library on your iPhone from third-party apps -- until version 3.0, which is coming out in June. Expect to see your dreams come true after that.