Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Remember School for the Dead?

Remember the good old School for the Dead Activity Pages? At some of our shows in the past, I made Activity Pages for our audience. They were hand drawn, puzzles and games, you know, things like word searches and anagrams and spaces for people to draw. I used to the scan in everybody's drawings and post them in our Gig Diaries.

Remember the good old Gig Diaries? I used to post pictures and stories about each of our gigs. Each Gig Diary had its own page on our website. In the beginning all five members of the band would write their perspective on the show.

Remember when there were five members of the band? There still are, I guess, officially, or at least I like to pretend that there are. Ken and Tony are always a gamble, since they are so busy with other projects. Remember when we used to all write on here? That was a long time ago wasn't it?

We used to have conversations and discussions and then our readers would chime in as well on our discussion board, Your Own Rockumentary. Then spammers ruined that so I switched from a forum to a commenting system. I love it when people comment.

Speaking of Gig Diaries, do you remember when we used to play gigs? Well, we still do. But we don't as often as we used to. We used to play Living Room Concerts and once and a while we would travel out of town to play a show or two. We went as far west as Chicago and south as North Carolina. True we did a show in San Francisco last year, but that was just Brian and I with a guest bassist (Han from Invisible Cities).

We are still a band for sure. I just think the definition of "band" has changed a bit over the last decade. Many people that I know have bands with a rotating cast of characters. We do that on occasion but, still, we are never as good as when all five members of School for the Dead are together on a stage.

Brian, Max, Tony and Ken are all excellent musicians with just the right taste for this band but beyond that there is a friendly chemistry. Max is bouncy and enthusiastic, Brian is groovy and funny, Tony is unpredictable and strange, and Ken with his incredible ear, can play anything that might come into our collective mind.

When playing with these guys I know I don't need to worry about anything. I could stop and leave the stage for a while and they would keep things going perfectly. I can change in to a new song in the middle of a different one and they would be right there with me.

Anybody want to book a show for us? I can't guarantee that we'll all make it but it's possible. You never know.

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sarah gagne said...

i loved filling out the activity pages! i miss them.