Friday, February 20, 2009

25 Albums of Note - Another Facebook Meme

Another Facebook meme that's been going around is the list of 25 life-changing albums. I quickly made a list and then I thought, maybe I can make a thing that'll stream a song from each album here. I found something from every one except for The Figments. Sorry, Figments. I haven't listened to it yet, though, so I don't know if some might be live versions or wrongly labeled or anything. Here's the player:

SeeqPod - Playable Search

And here is my list of 25 albums:
1. Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother
2. Dire Straits - Love Over Gold
3. Suzanne Vega - Suzanne Vega
4. Freedy Johnston - This Perfect World
5. Velvet Underground - VU
6. The Beatles - Revolver
7. Ultravox! - Ha! Ha! Ha!
8. Jane Siberry - The Walking
9. Robyn Hitchcock - I Often Dream Of Trains
10. R.E.M. - Reckoning
11. XTC - English Settlement
12. World Party - Goodbye Jumbo
13. Nick Drake - Pink Moon
14. Elvis Costello - King Of America
15. Yes - The Yes Album
16. Harry Nilsson - Son Of Schmilsson
17. Randy Newman - Sail Away
18. They Might Be Giants - Apollo 18
19. The Church - Of Skins and Hearts
20. Simon and Garfunkel - Bookends
21. Paul Simon - Paul Simon
22. Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love
23. Hugo Largo - Drum
24. The Police - Zenyatta Mondatta
25. The Figments - Feel The Fields

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Henning said...

I started listening and sure enough, the first track is a live version. But that's cool, I've never heard it before. I'm pretty sure it really is Pink Floyd, that sounds a lot like David Gilmour singing.