Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some Stuff That's Been Happening

Last night we had a band practice. Why is this unusual? Because, normally we only get together if we have a show coming up. We don't have a show coming up any time soon, so instead Brian and Max came over to the studio and we worked on some new School for the Dead songs. It was nice to do a creative music thing together. Lots of times, over the last few years, we'd just meet a day or two before a show and play through some songs. We'd get half way through one and say, ah, we know this. Then we'd play half of another song etc.

This time, I showed the boys a brand new song called "Somebody Else's Problem". They picked it up really fast. Generally, they start playing along before I've played it through once for them. Then we went over two other new ones that we had touched on a few months ago. They both remembered them quite well. Impressive. Those two songs have working titles: "Saving Your Life (Is Gonna Be Real Interesting)" and "I Don't Know About Anyone Else, But". Hopefully, they'll be on our next album along with "Turn It Down" and "The Infinite Kitchen" which we've already added to our set lists at shows.

I've got a bunch more that I have given to the band on a demo CD. I'm also just embarking on a new song called "I Fell In Love With The Wedding Photographer's Assistant". It's so brand new that it is pretty much just a title with a few fleeting images of ideas that I want to incorporate. I'm trying to picture a music video in my head in the hopes that I can then write a song to fit it. I know, that's totally backwards. That's why I like the idea. I'm a victim of the 80's, what can I say?

Can't you picture it? It's a novelty video along the lines of what's-his-name's song "Jeopardy". There's a wedding happening but the groom (or bride) keeps seeing this wedding photographer assistant in the background. Hyjinx ensue.

I've also been interested lately in writing an 80's new wave romantic type song, something along the lines of Bryan Ferry or Mike and the Mechanics or what have you. Something with lush strings and reverby vocals. But that's just an abstract thought, I have nothing to show for it yet.

Anyway, that's where I am right now in the composing front. In the recording world, I've been working on revamping a cover of Mark Mulcahy's "I Just Shot Myself In The Foot Again", I've got a Sitting Next To Brian EP to work on and a Bourgeois Heroes record that's been not getting the attention it deserves.

I'm not sure if I need more time or if I need more energy. Probably both.

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