Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Baystate Hotel and Mark Mulcahy

I was alerted to a nice little piece about one person's love of the music of Mark Mulcahy and their adventure to our good old indie rock club The Baystate Hotel, here in Northampton. It made me put on some Mulcahy music. Here is a taste:
"A misspent youth resulted in, among other things, my inability to obtain a driver’s license until the age of eighteen. The first chance I ever had to see Mulcahy was at a show in Northampton, MA. The drive would require a good twelve and a half hours, and fell on the weekend of our senior prom, for which I had inexplicably landed a date with a girl with frosted blue eyes who is still bitter and unforgiving about the whole thing to this day."

Enjoy the article here: I Capture Beauty In A Conversation

PS. I could be kidding myself but, I'm pretty sure that I remember that night.

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