Wednesday, November 19, 2008

School for the Dead on Dutch Radio

The Dutch, national radio station called De Concertzender, located in Hilversum, has just programmed a show all about me and School for the Dead. They transmit both over the radio and on the internet. This program is part of an ongoing series of shows called PopArt. They already did features on Carissa's Weird, The Soft Boys, Robyn Hitchcock, Animal Collective, Neutral Milk Hotel, Kevin Ayers and Julian Cope, and now they have done School for the Dead. How about that?

And guess what? You can listen to it right now and right here: ConcertZender. I don't know what they are saying, but I recognize the songs! Go ahead, click it, it'll open a player in a new window so you can still do whatever it was you were just doing, while listening.

1 comment:

dennis said...

awesome! looking forward to listening.