Friday, November 21, 2008

Boston and New York Shows

Those of you who are on our mailing list already know this but, TONIGHT, I'll be playing a short solo set in Boston as part of the International Pop Overthrow.

Friday, November 21
Church - 69 Kilmarnock St. - Boston - (617)236-7600 - $10

8:30 Henning Ohlenbusch (of School For The Dead)
9:00 Salvatore Baglio

9:30 The Motion Sick
10:00 John Powhida International Airport
10:30 Fireking
11:00 The Doom Buggies
11:30 1.4.5.

AND Tomorrow School for the Dead will be playing with our buddies The Campbell Apartment in New York.

Saturday, November 22
Parkside Lounge - 317 East Houston Street - New York - (212)673-6270

9:00 The Rhythm Method
10:00 The Stemms
11:00 The Campbell Apartment
12:00 School for the Dead

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dennis said...

sounds fun! have a good time. and you probably already know this but man there's some great food around that area in ny. congee village at 100 Allen Street is awesome for a sit-down and Dash Dogs at 127 Rivington St (near essex) is a great hot dog place with bizarre combos and veggie dogs.