Friday, October 10, 2008

The Story of A Telephone Built For Two

At the risk of sounding too egotistical or self-important, I wrote up a little piece about this new album of ours.

"A Telephone Built For Two" took a lot of work on our part and I thought it might be interesting to get a little bit of an inside view on some of the thought processes involved in writing the songs.

I always like reading about the songs in albums that I enjoy so I put together this little song-by-song examination. Hope you enjoy it.

Here's a preview: (Just click the end to read the whole thing.)
"I grew up in an age of albums. Before my time, the music world was all based on singles. Rock and Roll came in 45's but I cut my teeth in the age of albums. Nowadays, it's back to singles. Even if you have albums on your mp3 player, you generally just shuffle the singles. I miss the album.

One of the most heartbreaking moments in buying music is when you invest in an album based on a song you heard and you find that the rest of the album is filler. Do bands really knowingly make filler songs?..." READ MORE


dennis said...

henning, this is great. i'd even read more about each song if you wrote it. it's nice to see where some of the songs are coming from, and how they compare to what i've thought they were about. for instance i liked hearing about "save my place," which is such an emotional song/recording.... and to hear that i was right about "back to school," that a breakup kinda happens in the course of things.... awesome. as i've said, i love this record a lot. awesome work, SFTD.

Henning said...

Thanks Dennis, It's funny, when I wrote this thing I could have sworn it was a lot longer. Now, when re-reading it, I see that it's not very in depth at all. Huh.

dennis said...

oh i'd say it's in-depth -- well either way, in-depthiness aside, i liked reading it.

F. Alex Johnson said...

Who says nobody does good liner notes anymore? Well, I don't know if I ever heard anyone say that exactly, but you know what I mean. It seems like what you used to find on records from the sixties and seventies to the left of the song listing and above the "Playable on monophonic and stereo equipment."

Very nice.

It is a fantastic album and I am super thrilled you asked me to be on it (and that you meant it and weren't just pulling my leg).

As you were.