Monday, October 20, 2008

School for the Dead on Rhapsody

Real NetworksI've been a user of the Rhapsody music service for years now. It's one of those things that I've just come to rely on now, like water from the faucet or movies from the TV. Anytime I want, I can listen to just about any music out there. I signed-on originally because my brother convinced me to. Now it's just one of those things that's there.

That's why it's always cool to me when our music becomes available on Rhapsody. "A Telephone Built For Two" is now there. So, are our other albums and The Fawns and Sitting Next To Brian and Bourgeois Heroes etc.

Recently, I've been using Rhapsody to check out The Lucksmiths and The Go Betweens. Anyway, if you have Rhapsody, don't forget that you can listen to Rub Wrongways artists like us along with all the other stuff you have been listening to. (We get like a penny everytime you listen to one of our songs).

If you don't have Rapsody you can try it out for free here: Free Trial to Rhapsody

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