Monday, October 06, 2008

Makin' Movies On Location

This little-known Australian actor named Mel Gibson is currently filming a movie down the street at a little place called Tully O'Reilly's. Tomorrow they'll be filming in the Courthouse here in Northampton and on Wednesday they'll be taking over Main Street.

There's an insane amount of money and work being thrown into these really short scenes for the movie yet nobody has yet approached me about licensing our music. Strange.

The movie is called Edge Of Darkness. You can read more about it here and then click on the different actor pictures and say "Oh yeah, hey I know that guy!".

...Hey look there's Mel now. "Yo, Braveheart!, come here for a second."...


Rick said...

I would love to hear Tina Turner sing "Omnivore."

Rick said...

Ooh, I just noticed the Dire Straits reference. In other Tina Turner news, Mark Knopfler wrote "Private Dancer."