Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Figments - Twelve Belles - Free Download

Our good friends The Figments have just completed a brand new album. I've heard it and it is pretty excellent. Wait a minute? Who's that guy in the blue sweater there? Ah that's Brian Marchese, School for the Dead and Fawns drummer. Leader of Sitting Next To Brian. Wearer of a blue sweater.

Blee blee blee! But listen! The Figments have chosen to put their brand new album up for free download on their website! You can go there right now and a few minutes later have the brand new album downloaded. Here's how they say it:

"Hello. We are sure that you need some music to be bailed-out by. The Figments recorded their 4th and best (and heaviest) album, Twelve Belles, over the course of the last year or so. We'd like you to go to and download the whole album, absolutely free of cost. Again, this ain't no throwaway giveaway. This just may be our finest moment as a band and we don't have the patience or the funds to wait to do it the traditional way.

Just who are these radical pinkos? Still the same Figments you've known and loved all these years. And yes, for those who love CDs and actually DO want to spend money on music, be patient. There will be a physical product eventually. But it'll sound pretty much exactly the same."


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