Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Do It Again!

Well. Movie making is pretty monotonous. But it still seems fun to me. The gazillion extras have been pretty much standing in the same exact spots, or walking along the same exact paths for about nine hours. This is what I have been hearing a lot of today, over and over again:

Ok, Here we go!
Picture, Stand by!
Rolling audio!
Quiet please!
Background! (that's when the extras start moving)

So, they yell "background" and the frozen town comes alive. The crowd looks perfectly real. Then Mel Gibson and his co-actor, who I have yet to identify, walk down the stairs and have a conversation. This happens about fifteen feet in front of me here in my window.

For one scene they came in an asked me to make sure I didn't look out the window while they were rolling because I was in the scene. So, we'll see, we'll see.

I guess I'll have to go see this movie now.

Later someone came in and asked for a phone book so they could find a place to go for a massage.


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debl said...

I walked by the big production a couple of times today, it was entertaining -- I didn't see any stars, but it was like watching a building being built, kind of exciting yet slow. I am shocked you were working today! Mel should have paid for everyone to take the day off.